Going out to our community one doorstep at a time; showing them we care so they know they are loved.

About Doorstep:GO

The difference between despair and hope, hunger and fullness, loneliness and belonging, and brokenness and wholeness is sometimes one authentic relationship. Doorstep:GO is a program geared towards building strong relationships with families in the inner city of Saskatoon. Starting during the onset of COVID-19 in 2020, Doorstep:GO started as a means to bring care packages and authentic love to people's homes.

Starting Christmas, we deliver care packages to each family that signs up, and then we follow-up and deliver more packages throughout the year. Our goal is that rather than having people come to a building or event, we go out into our community instead.

— Over 200 deliveries per event

— 2,200 people impacted

— $29,000 raised for people in need

Darrell and Judith, Doorstep:GO Team Members —

“When I called one of the families my husband and I had been delivering to regarding our next delivery, after the typical pleasantries I asked if there was anything that they needed. Brenda* indicated that she was in the hospital and that it was her granddaughter's birthday. Because of COVID and being in the hospital they were not going to be able to do anything for her birthday. My husband and I decided to get a special cake made for her granddaughter and buy her a gift and deliver it that day so that she would have something special to celebrate on her birthday. The entire family was so excited and thankful when we showed up with the cake and present.”