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To GO to our community one doorstep at a time: SHOW them we care so that the KNOW they are LOVED.

about doorstep:go

With the onset of COVID-19, doorstep:GO was started originally as a Christmas initiative (ChristmasCHEER.go) by Mission20 as a way to lend support to our community. Rather than having people come to a building or event, we decided to bring care packages straight to their doorstep (hence the name).

Results from ChristmasCHEER.go

  • 170+ families registered

  • 800+ people reached

  • $13,000 spent on care packages consisting of ham, boxed potatoes, whipped cream, salad, drinks, game, chocolate, candy, and other gifts for the family.

Because of the overwhelming success of ChristmasCHEER.go, we decided to continue bringing additional care packages for other holidays and events throughout the year.

  • over 600 deliveries per event

  • 2200+ people impacted

  • $22,000 spent reaching those in need

Now it's become one of our highlighted programs, and is our way of giving to our community and building long-lasting relationships with people.

We believe the greatest change comes from the strongest relationships.

The difference between despair and hope, hunger and fullness, loneliness and belonging, and brokenness and wholeness is sometimes one authentic relationship.

By going to doorsteps and showing we care, we believe meaningful relationships can be developed that will not only help meet a momentary need, but will be there to support during greater struggles and times of difficulty.

what we do

Throughout the year, Mission20 volunteers visit families throughout the inner city of Saskatoon (predominantly in the core neighbourhoods) and deliver care packages while building impactful relationships with them.

“When I called one of the families my husband and I had been delivering to regarding our next delivery, after the typical pleasantries I asked if there was anything that they needed. Brenda* indicated that she was in the hospital and that it was her granddaughter's birthday. Because of COVID and being in the hospital they were not going to be able to do anything for her birthday. My husband and I decided to get a special cake made for her granddaughter and buy her a gift and deliver it that day so that she would have something special to celebrate on her birthday. The entire family was so excited and thankful when we showed up with the cake and present.”
~ Darrell and Judith
doorstep.GO Team Members
*name changed

we need your help

While we know that small gifts are appreciated and impactful, we believe that we can do even more, but we can't do it alone! 

We have seen an increased need for items such as clothes, diapers, tools, appliances, groceries, and more. The more we're able to show we care by meeting these overwhelming needs, the more we increase the possibility of leading to a meaningful relationship that impacts beyond the specific need and into support for the future.